So I received a pretty bizarre email last week from someone who STOLE my funnel by acting as a client and then proceeded to use it to stack almost an extra $8,000; WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

…I’m all for helping people out but, this is insane. Stealing is never cool.

When I confronted him, he offered to pay me $500 to shut me up….LOL! Talk about adding insult to injury.

But when I cooled off, I started digging into his website and found out that he got half of the funnel wrong…. I mean, I take full responsibility to leave open a loophole that this a-hole exploited but, he’s not even close! So the jokes really on him!

It’s never fun losing a few thousand dollars because you reveal too much on the video!


Anyway, for the time being, if you want to know how ‘a crook, a thief and an a-hole of the highest order’ got a funnel half wrong and still managed to get $8,000ish (I don’t know the exact number); then go here: