So, I’m gonna log in to my Aweber account and show you HOW I added 1,700 email subscribers?

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Transcript Of The Video:

So, I’m gonna log in to my Aweber account and show you how I added 1,700 email subscribers? But I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is and I’m gonna show you that these are real subscribers added to my Aweber account. So let me login to my Aweber account real quick.

So here we are inside my Aweber account and as you can see this is my account Prashant Sharma, and it has about 781 subscribers today and it’s 12:56 P.M. in here, so we still have a lot of hours in a day but yesterday I added 1,700 subscribers.

And this is a relatively new account, right.

So out of these 9,000 subscribers that I have, about 1,700 of them were added yesterday and if I talk about yesterday and today it’s about 2,500 subscribers that were added out of these 9,000 subscribers in the last 2 days.

So, how did I do it?

I’m gonna share with you the exact funnel, the exact traffic source, and the exact monetization strategy that I used.

Because this was profitable for me and I wanna show you how you can also run traffic to profitable funnels, right.
So let’s talk about the optin page that I used. So this is the optin page that I used and I know it’s a lot of information on this page and you know, I own right, and I also have the biggest Facebook group when it comes to email ads.

So I know that an optin page should actually just look like a headline followed by an optin page but I’ve been testing stuff and this works really really well.

And I don’t believe anything that is being spread on the social media or inside forums unless I test it because most of these GURUs who talk about you know, things about conversions inside Facebook groups and stuff, they don’t know anything.

The real people who are making money they don’t have the time to go into social media groups and giveaway information for FREE. They just don’t do that, not a lot of them, right.

But there are some gems of information that I find inside these groups but most of it is usually crap.

So, this is the page, it’s completely something that you wouldn’t expect an optin page being promoted with Solo Ads to look like but it just works, right. So I have income proof and I just tell them how I added new email leads.

So 27,560 that’s in my other account, this is just an account that I set up a couple of months back and it already has 27,560. The one that I showed you a couple of seconds ago had like 9,000.

So this is the optin page, now if somebody enters their email address they go to “Get Instant Access” once they push that button they go to a page where I build trust.

And this is how the page looks, so I have a case study that I recorded, then I have testimonial after testimonial, more testimonials, and then an interview for the Huffington Post, right. So they click on this then they go to the next page where I give them more information and then I try to get a sale.

Now, this is how the next page looks like, so if I push this button it’s gonna take me to this page, right here this one,
okay. And this is the entire funnel, so this is the optin page, this is the Pre-Training page where I build trust or trust-building page and this is where the magic happens, right.

So this is the entire funnel that I use. Now what’s the traffic source that I use, I use and if you scroll down you’re gonna see all these vendors these people are here to sell traffic and all you really have to do is contact now and then get in touch with them and buy the clicks.

There are no hidden charges, everything is paid upfront and then they deliver the number of clicks whatever you order and that’s the traffic source that I use.

So we’ve discussed how I added 1,700+ subscribers yesterday.

You saw the funnel, this is the traffic source and that’s it. I hope you liked this video, leave a comment below if you’ve any questions and I’ll get back to you with the answer.

This is Prashant I’ll talk to you soon. B-Bye.