What is the GIFunnel Program?

The GIFunnel is a comprehensive coaching plan that helps you build a traffic agency business. It is aimed at:

Getting you consistent sales;
Selling something that everyone with a website needs (traffic);
Getting you paid for every single click;
Getting paid before anybody else sees a single dollar;
Help you build an email list for literally little to no money;
Help you master traffic and conversions;
Get money in the bank! 

See….I like to keep things pretty simple and I understand that the only reason you have access to this document is because you want more sales and conversions in your business.

You couldn’t care less about leads or any new fad the internet has to offer. YOU ARE LOOKING FOR RESULTS! And that’s what I deliver. 

We have people from all over the world succeeding with us, to check out success stories from people who’ve worked with us go to https://ClientSuccess.tv

Now, video testimonials are just hard to get. People are camera shy, some people forget about us when they succeed (makes me cry a little bit) and some people just don’t want to acknowledge this publicly because they are experts in the industry themselves. This is just around 20% of what we’ve helped people do.

We’ve worked with a lot of successful people because we also own and operate 2 of the biggest email traffic directories in the world…. Tens of thousands of dollars change hands on these sites every single day.

And it wasn’t easy getting here! Took us almost 8 years of constantly updating the websites multiples a week - so it’s a lot of hard work that has gone into it.

What it means for you? You get access to some of the most cutting edge funnels and traffic tactics before they become mainstream (IF they ever become mainstream).

The goal of everything I do is pretty standard - get you results because when you win I WIN! 

You get the success and the money.
I get success stories.
And that attracts more clients to me because others see I DELIVER!
It’s a win-win.

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Who this is For:

This program is only for people struggling with traffic and/or conversions. 

It helps if you’ve already tried your hands at affiliate marketing, shopify or some other thing online.

If you’re a complete newbie but are ready to go - I’ll help you. But I can’t spend my time trying to SELL YOU this….. I don’t sell. I help.

If you want traffic and conversions; understand that traffic is a raw opportunity. Especially because of the lockdowns (COVID-19) a lot of people have come online to try and learn how to make money online - almost 90% of them will setup websites and they’ll all need traffic. 

I’m more than willing to open my vault of gold and help you with all I know. But if this is a WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE kinda thing for you - I’m NOT into it. 

It takes a lot of time for me to help everyone and I have no time for tire-kickers; or even people who cannot afford to spend. I can empathise with your situation but there is no free lunch…

… so in conclusion: If you’ve tried and failed at anything online - I can help.

But if you’re broke or cannot invest or just want to know more - move along. Buy into crappy $17 products instead.

What can it do for you?

We routinely produce $10K days in our business. DAYS! And it’s all because we know traffic. And we can get your results. 

What results you ask? Great question:

Consistent sales selling something everyone needs - traffic.
Email list that you can tap into anytime you want to promote something.
All this with little to no money invested (of course after the coaching fee).
Getting paid for every click that happens on your website.

That’s only part of what we do for you since the success in the only world can be boiled down to just 1 simple equation:

Traffic + Offers = Money in the bank.

The successful people have Traffic and they just keep selling different offers to their traffic sources.
Newbies and strugglers have offers but no traffic. They have the equation in reverse.

It’s simple but most people don’t get it. 

They keep promoting affiliate programs & building someone else’s business instead of focussing on 1 business that has long term potential. 

Fact: TRAFFIC ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE as long as people have websites or businesses.

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How does the GIFunnel coaching program work?

We have a unique 3 pronged approach to helping our clients get results. This approach was developed after years of working with hundreds of clients from all over the world, taking in the feedback and improving not only the training parts but all aspects of the business. 

(By the way - we just updated the training so everything is super up-to-date & accurate)

Here’s what it includes:

1. The Training.
2. The Done-for-you setup.
3. The Support.

Let’s talk about each part in detail:


The training includes video tutorials inside a members area that are instantly delivered to you when you join. 

It covers almost all aspects of building an online business WITHOUT THE FLUFF (I hate wasting time). 

But most importantly, it shows you the ONLY THING THAT MAKES YOU MONEY - getting clients that pay you.

Let me repeat that because it’s just that important - getting clients that pay you money!

There is nothing else to it. Any business that tries to sell you 100,000 videos is stupid & you’re stupid for buying into it. Last I checked - watching videos doesn’t make you money!

We have super targeted video trainings focusing on the one thing that businesses are all about - getting real clients with real money to spend it with you.

And not just once but multiple times a month so that the customer life-time value increases and you make more money.

We also help you build an email list, give you a 60 day email sequence that you can use to get more money from all your online activities.

This I like to call BONUS MONEY because when you’re a traffic agency - you’re getting paid upfront and on a per click basis so you already were in profits when someone bought from you.

For example: 

We setup a traffic agency for you called TrafficAgency.com (10 points and a kiss for creativity with the name).

Anyway…. Mr. Tim comes to your website and buys 1,000 clicks for $800. 

Congratulations you just made $800…. Right? Partially - yes.

Because now I’ll assume you don’t already have an email list you’ll buy traffic using the GIFunnel process for maybe $400-500 to fulfil Mr. Tim’s order.

You still pocket around $300 from this transaction. But that’s not all.

Because we’re smart and use the GIFunnel you’ll also end up building an email list. The GIFunnel sits in the middle and builds your email list while also delivering Mr. Tim’s order. (See Image)

So you end up with:

With $300.
With an email list of about 500 new subscribers which you didn’t pay a dime for.
Tim’s order - delivered.
Repeat order possibility.
All the 500 subscribers get a 60 day email sequence and any sales coming in from this are going to be just bonus money for you since you already made money upfront.
Eventually you build an email list capable of delivering the 1,000 clicks so you pocket the entire $800 just by writing and sending out an email to your list.
We also, infact, help you setup a simple affiliate program so you can have an army of middle-men (affiliates) promote your traffic services for 20-25%. But that’s when you hit the $600-800 per day mark in your traffic business.

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The training covers all aspects of this - from the most basic to the most advanced. MOST OF ALL THOUGH - it builds the skills of creating a long term successful and cash flow rich business.

Want it? I think I heard a YES! Haha!

Couple that with the fact that we also have 2 of the biggest email traffic directories: SoloAdsX.com and a super active FB Group with over 42K members; we back all our clients with all the firepower they need to succeed.

We also include a 100 day checklist that takes less than 20 minutes per day to implement and ensures that your chances of success are very high. 

I wanted to say guaranteed but my legal team said “you can’t do that dumbass, it’s illegal”….. but you do get what I’m trying to say right?


One thing that I understand all to well is that you’re not concerned about anything else other than getting sales and results. 

You don’t care about me, my process, my videos - nothing.

You’re here because you want results and I get that. And while most programs will have you spinning your wheels working out the tech part - what I do instead is I do it for you. 

Technical issues are a pain - they slow you down, are not activities that produce money (unless of course you do funnel building for a living) and are just plain boring.

Why would you want to learn something you only have to do once and if you get it right - you won’t have to touch again. Spending days trying to learn a new funnel builder when you can have it done for you is wastage of time.

And I get it - you invest with me for results and my job is to make it easier for you. Here’s what we do for you:

We take care of all the moving parts for you;
We setup the funnel that you need;
We set you up with a sales page that you can use to sell traffic;
We build you a delivery funnel that you use to fulfil client orders;
We buy the licenses for you to make it even faster for you (built with Optimizepress which is $199 I think);
We install the plugins and do all the technical bits so you don’t have to;
And we give you a funnel cloned into your business that has seen multiple 6 figures in ad spends.

Here’s the proof: 

Basically we give you all you’d need without the need to go back and forth (faster results).

And we don’t tie you in with services like Clickfunnels which cost a few hundreds dollars a month. I built my tech team so you can save money on that - it’s only going to cost you less than $3-4 a month to run the entire funnel.

My tech team really becomes your tech team and we take care of you like a mother takes care of her child…. We won’t change diapers though!

Again a joke (they keep getting weirder, don’t they). What can I say, I have a weird sense of humour. 

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We have a robust support system that stems from my own pains and problems that I faced 12 years ago when I started.

I remember starting programs and then just running into question after question, issue after issue and not having anybody by my side to guide me. There were nights I wanted to break my laptop but I carried on for years without help. LOST SO MUCH TIME!

I understand that when you first start something you might run into some roadblocks or have questions - you have to learn how to walk first before you can start running.

Here’s how it works:

My tech team becomes your tech team, so if you need help with anything you get them to work for you.
We have a support ticket system, and it doesn’t take long to answer and it’s not outsourced to a third world country. We do the support inhouse because again - you invest in me to get results and the faster I get you results the happier you are the more money you will spend with me later on….But first we get you results.
We set you up with a sales page that you can use to sell traffic;
You also get a direct phone line access to me for urgent questions - I wish somebody did this for me. Anytime you have a question that needs an urgent answer TALK TO ME!

That’s the 3 part process of the GIFunnel coaching program. 

What’s next?

We already have a call booked so if you have any more questions - I’ll help you out with the answers on the phone. I just wanted to make sure we make the best use of our time on the phone so created this short PDF for you specifically. 

Really looking forward to speaking with you over the phone. I’ll call you myself 😊 

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We build you a traffic agency business and do most of the things for you (the training, the funnel and the support).
You focus on the main thing that really matters - getting clients that pay you money and we show you how to do that. We give you all the places where people are already spending money on traffic and how to tap into that for more money. We show you how to do it.
We give you a 100 day checklist to ensure you’re on track to building a profitable and cash flow rich business with daily action steps - ensuring focus and making it really hard to fail.
We take care of the tech for you.
We help you build an email list, get paid for every click, understand and then master traffic and conversions.
We get you paid before anybody else too - if you don’t get paid nobody else does. In the affiliate marketing model or any other model - what you have to do essentially is invest time money and effort to promote someone else’s product and you only get paid IF AND WHEN YOU make sales - not with this. With the GIfunnel you make sales with or without sales and on a per click basis.

I know I had some lame jokes in there but my training is solid. You can view more videos and client success stories by going here: https://gifunnel.org/bootcamp/

I respect your time immensely and I thank you for reading this. 

Welcome to the family,
Prashant Sharma

P.S: We constantly improve the trainings and all upgrades are free for you. We don’t have any fine prints, I will not try and sell you anything else - there are no upsells. I think they suck, I promise this is all you need to succeed. The only other thing we have is a $25,000/year mastermind with me but that’s only when I help you hit at least $25K per month in business.

P.P.S: If you have questions, I am more than willing to talk to you directly to answer any and all questions you have. I understand that investing your hard earned money into this is putting your trust in me and I have been there too; so I know exactly how it feels, we all start there. 

But the ultimate short-cut in online success is working with someone who has already done what you want to do and getting them work with you directly and answer your questions. In case of the GIFunnel I give you access to me directly so you can keep getting the results you invest with us for without having to experiment, guess or try a solution - ask me and I'll tell you what'll be the best way forward.

Looking forward to the call

Please let me know if this is NOT something you want to build - I'll cancel the call. Last thing I want to do is waste your time. Email me at prashantysharma@gmail.com or text me here: +1 209 813 4006 or +1 206 973 7559

Prashant Sharma

Founder, GIFunnel

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